Sung Sot cave the best destination cave in Halong bay

Sung sot cave and around ( Amazing caves in Halong bay )

The most visitied of all the caves in Halong bay and featuring on almost all one and Halong 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 night, is Sung Sot cave, which was discover by French in 1901 inside it was divided 3 chambers,with many shapes so extremly unique 

godess of mercy shape in Sung Sot cave

The rock in Sung Sot cave shape as Mercy

Caves were formed over hundreds of millions of years,  it is the process and draw the sea and created features extremely unique faulting, the stalagmites and stalactites in the cave that anyone will be amazed by the looks beauty of nature 

amazing cave in Halong bay

Sung Sot Cave attractive tourist 

with a length of about 350m Sung Sot cave makes visitors really surprised, this is also the home of the ancient Vietnamese around 17,000 years ago, with many archaeological sites were discovered

Sung sot cave amazing beauty sites

the marvelous landscape of stalagmites and stalactites

with a height of about 30 meters over the sea level Sung Sot cave really keep constant temperature all year round

Hang sung sot halong bay

the result of tectonic processes hundreds of millions of years
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