Ha long bay: One of the most beautiful place in planet.

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist spot in Vietnam and it is also a familiar name to not only domestic visitors but also foreign visitors. Recommending to Vietnam, cannot forget to mention Ha Long Bay. So why Ha Long Bay becomes so famous like that?

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1.  A legendary natural scenery:

Up to now, Ha Long Bay has possessed about 2,000 islands and limestone cliffs in various shapes and sizes which rise above the water’s surface. Moreover, Ha Long Bay is beautiful with the shadow of the limestone mountains reflect its shape into the water and creating many mysterious images. This Bay is still own beautiful stalactitecaves, beaches that are always attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Overview Halong bay

Ha Long Bay is the home of many typical ecosystems with a lot of plant and animal’s diversified species. The name “Ha Long” in Vietnamese means the place where Dragon landed. This name is named after a local legend, in the early days, Ngoc Hoang sent the Dragon Mother with Dragon Baby downed to earth to help the Vietnamese struggled against the enemy. The sea area where the Dragon Mother landed is called Ha Long, while Bai Tu Long is used to call.the place where the Dragon Baby landed.

2.  Wonderful stone cave system:

Thien Cung cave

Coming to Ha Long, visitors can explore and admire the the beauty of this land. All are very real and hidden in many different shapes. Such as Dau Nguoi island looks like someone’s face, while in Rong island, you will see as a dragon flying over the water. Moreover, Ha Long bay is famous for its beautiful stone island system with two types: lime stone island and shale island. Through the process of erosion, Ha Long has turned into a unique place in the world.

3.  Fascinated beaches:

Halong bay

The most famous beach in Halong is perhaps Bai Chay.  This is a low hilly stretch of the sea about 2km far from the old pine with high-rise hotels and separate architectural villas are arranged interleavely.Besides Bai Chay, Ha Long still possesses other beautiful beaches such as Tuan Chau, Bai Dai and Quan Lan. These beaches not only have wild beauty and poetic, but also the water is very clean and long coastlines covered white sand.

4.  Cua Van fishing village:

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van has existed for many years. The beauty of this village is expressed through the idyllic. Coming to this village, visitors will have a chance to admire a peaceful picture with boats are anchoring, children are playing and also can listen to traditional fishing villagers’s sailing songs. This is also a Natural World Heritage which has been recognized twice by the UNESCO as a place not to be missed when going to Ha Long Bay.

5.  A piece of advice:

Coming to Ha Long Bay, visitors should note these things as down belows:

-         Spending at least 2 nights on the Bay: if you are planning to stay only one night in Halong Bay, it would be a pity for you. Because only a day or night only makes you feel a little outside the surface of the Bay.

Referent: Halong bay 2 days 1 night on Imperial Classic cruise.

Halong bay on beach

-         Definitely visiting Cat Ba island: during the time on this island, you will enjoy interesting scenery, wander along the coastline and visit Than Cong fortress.

Referent: Halong Cat Ba 3 days 2 nights

Cat Ba island

-         Pay attention to safety information which will be announced when visitors on boat.

Climbing moutaint

-         Climbing mountain: spend more time to join in mountaining activity. When visitors reach a certain height, the majestic landscape will appear clearly that surely makes visitors do not want to go down.

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