Ho Chi Minh complex the most attractive place in Hanoi city tour

Ho Chi Minh president was a leader of Vietnamese revolution, a great man and also pride of Vietnamse people, who helped Vietnamese people gone thru 2 wars and won- French and American, The contributions of Ho Chi Minh are enormous, vietnamese people cherish and remember.

Born and raised in the poor countryside of Nghe An, Nguyen Sinh Cung boy soon became enlightened revolutionary, saw the oppression and people in the scene of making hunger, Nguyen Sinh Cung- Ho Chi Minh soon left home in 1911 to find the way save the country.

Ho Chi Minh house in his home land

The cottage house where Ho Chi Minh was borned in 1890 in Nam Dan- Nghe An

Spent 30 years abroad in 1941 Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam revolutionary leaders fight against French colonialism, September 2, 1945 Ho Chi Minh read the declaration of independence at Ba Dinh square in Hanoi and birth in Vietnam Democratic Republic, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Pac Bo cave where Ho Chi Minh worked and lived in 1941

Pác Bó cave where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in 1941 in Cao Bang province

The Ho Chi Minh Presidential Complex located in the Ba Dinh District is also the political center of the country where the congressional office and the prime minister's office are located. He worked here from 1954 until his death in 1969. The complex is quite intact, preserving many valuable objects and documents about President Ho Chi Minh in the years uncle Ho lived and worked here.

presidential palace where uncle Ho worked

Presidential palace where uncle Ho worked from 1954 until 1969

This complex includes the president, mausoleum, stilt houses, mango path and especially the two houses Uncle Ho lived and worked from 1954 to 1969.The strong influence of Ho Chi Minh's thought and morality has attracted a lot of domestic and international tourists to visit and study, which is the most attractive place to visit when travelling Hanoi city in one day

Ho Chi Minh house on stilt
Ho Chi Minh house on stilt where he lived and workd in 1958 until 1969
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