WHY NOT? - Top things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi is the sacred place that precisely reflects Vietnamese culture.The majority of those values has immersed and been conveyed in everything belongs to this city. Therefore, it would be a big pity when coming to Hanoi without discovering and enjoying Hanoians’ daily life. Here are the top 4 things you can not miss doing in Hanoi.

1. Strolling around the Sword Lake (Old Quarter)

Hanoi in the morning

What is more adorable than getting up early in the morning, doing exercises, and enjoying the pure atmosphere in Hanoi? The early morning in Hanoi is the high time for everyone to refresh their mind and recharge their energy for a new day. All things needed for this is just wearing the most comfortable clothes and footwears. By strolling around the Sword Lake, tourists can catch sight of many locals doing Tai Chi, aerobic, and many other martial arts. Living in such a hectic city like Hanoi, it is woth spending time for those healthy activities in the morning.

2. Taking part in activities in “Walking street”

In the last 2 days of each week, roads surrounding the Sword Lake are restricted to all kind of vehicles except for walkers. This makes Old Quarter area become an ideal space for Vietnamese cultural activities. A variety of traditional games, toys, foods, songs, etc are reproduced to bring back the childhood memories of Vietnamese people. Tourist are warmly welcomed to join those unique and lovely games such as rope skipping, Ca Kheo, Chùa, Ô ăn Quan, Chắt, Truyền, Múa Sạp, etc. The Walking street is also the combination of traditional and modern values. A number of activities that considered hot trends are brought in by teenagers, too. It can be foreign songs, dynamic and sexy dances, or travelling by balance electric scooters, etc. Participants can truly experience a culture and music exchange festival without paying any free. Even the Wifi service is available for free in that area. That will assist foreign visistors, even the locals, with information searching in case it’s needed.

3. Visiting historical destinations


It can not be called a trip without exploring. Moreover, Hanoi possesses numerous historical and appealing sites that have been praised by many tourists.

Skipping those places will be a real deficiency.
- HCMmausoleum: The final resting place of Vietnamese Great Leader Ho

Chi Minh. It is located in the center of Ba Dinh square.

-      The Temple of Literature: dedicated to the Confucius and Vietnamese scholars, hosts the first university of Vietnam (Imperial Academy)

-      Long Bien Bridge: historical witness for the war against France, runs across the Red river and connects two districts: Hoan Kiem and Long Bien.

-      Tran Quoc Pagoda: the oldest Buddish pagoda in Hanoi, constructed in 6th centuary. It is located in a small island in the West Lake.

-      Museums: Vietnamese Women museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Representing the lifestyles and traditional culture of Vietnamese folks through history.

-      Hoa Lo prison: one of the most brutal dungeon in history, was used to capture and torture Vietnam plotitical prisoners. It is located in Tran Hung Dao street.

If you would like to visit all this destinations, Hanoi City Tour could cover that.

  4. Enjoying street foods

Eating and being served in luxurious restaurants seems to be quite familiar with foreign tourist in Hanoi. But instead of spending that amount of money in restaurant for a meal, bring it down Hanoi streets and one can try almost every street foods there. Hanoi street foods not only have reasonable prices but also appealing tastes. Additionally, wandering around streets offers an open space to have some sightseeing and chitchat with friendly locals.
The most favorited food street is located arround Old Quarter.

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