Sapa trekking tour 2 days from Hanoi

Tour Sapa trekking from Hanoi by bus one of the best options for all clients would like to discover the best spot in North Vietnam, clients will get the best experience while discover daily life of local people

Sapa trekking tour 2 days from Hanoi

Sapa trekking tour 3 days by bus, or Sapa trekking tour 2 nights by train, are becoming more and more popular to most of foreign tourists when deciding to make a  Sapa tours in Vietname. One day is two short while 2 or 3 days may make them have enough time to explore Sapa.

Cat Cat village

When choosing Sapa trekking tour 3 days by bus, or 2 nights by train, you can have a chance to visit one of the most beautiful valley which is home of 2 most crowded ethnic minority groups: Black H’mong and Red Dao.

Cat Cat village is a hot tourist destination that every one who coming to Sapa the fisrt time want to trekking. Every year, Sapa trekking tour to Cat Cat village has a lot of applicants. Coming to Cat Cat village, tourists will have the opportunity to visit the Cat Cat Waterfall which was discovered by the French. Cat Cat is also home to many traditional cultural traditions from the ancient times as the house architecture of the house, or the costumes. The home of the H’Mong people in Cat Cat is still a large three-room roof. In Cat Cat village, the local people live mainly on rice cultivation and some traditional crafts such as silver carving, weaving, and forging tools.

When trekking to Cat Cat village, people can enjoy traditional food of ethnic minority. It is a worthy thing that people must experience.

sapa trekking tour 2 days 1 night

Lao Chai- Ta Van village:

Besides Cat Cat village, Lao Chai village is also a beautiful destination that attracts many visitors each year. Like Cat Cat village, Lao Chai - Ta Van is inhabited by ethnic minorities, about 7km from the center of Sapa town.

Beside the breathtaking and majestic scenery of nature, Lao Chai is a symbol of the beauty of culture here. In Ta Van, there is an ancient stone which were worshiped by the ancient Vietnamese. On the other side of the stream, there is a famous ancient stone reef which was carved by the ancient people with nearly 200 large and small stones. On each stone carved many unique images and patterns. Trekking to Lao Chai-Ta Van, visitors can understand better the simple life, the essence of ethnic people. And you also have a choice to enjoy the delicious food, the friendliness of people here, learn the customs and traditional culture as well as the habits of ethnic minorities in every country.

For visitors, choosing Sapa trekking tour easy cheap price is the aim. By using bus and train as transportation, they can save up a lot of money and also have time to visit Cat Cat village and Lao Chai-Ta Van village. When choosing a trekking tour in Sapa, just depending on your amount of money to make a decision. Making a trekking tour to Sapa will bring to you the most unforgetable experiences and make the trip become more meaningful that let you want to turn back again.

sapa trekking tour 2 days 1 night

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