Top things to do in Halong Bay

Frankly speaking, Ha Long has been one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam for many centuries because it is blessed with many beautiful scenery and fascinated tourist spots. Coming to Ha Long, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the best leisure activities.

1.  Exploring the Bay on Kayak:

Kayaking on Halong Bay

This is an interesting feature which always appeals any visitors travelling to this Bay. Instead of sitiing on boat and listening the information from tour guides, now visitors can weave in and out every corner in Ha Long Bay by sailing the Kayak.

2.  Visiting Dau Go cave and Sung Sot cave:

Sung Sot cave

Two caves are the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. Each cave possesses many beautiful stalactites with strange shapes. Besides, visitors will be listened the stories relating to the origin of each cave and admired the light creating anillusion for the cave. Going to Halong Bay without visiting any caves in here would be a pity for visitors.

3.  Panoramic view of Ha Long from above:

Vinpearl Ha Long

Visitors will have a chance to stay at Vinpearl Ha Long – an international resort which was recently built in Reu island, Ha Long. In here, all rooms have the look over the Bay. Choosing this resort as a place to relax, visitors are surely impressed with the luxurious and semi-classical architecture of the resort and its perfect services: four-season pool, outdoor swimming pool, spa, gym, tennis court and so on. You will experience a paradise vacation when relaxing on this comfortable resort and take manyimpressive photos of Ha Long.

4.  Admire the sunset on the beach:

Sunset on boat

When the sunset falls down, the images of boats which are reflected in the water’s surface in Ha Long are extremely fanciful. The light from these boats is an element which helps to decorate this fantastic picture. And visitors will see that the sunset will bring you into a wonderful fairyland, a land is woken up by the scent of the sea: the salty flavor.

5.  Sleeping among the Bay:

Halong bay 1 night

Ha Long offer an interesting service to visitors, it is sleeping one night in the yatch in Ha Long Bay. Sleeping on the Bay is a very special experience that almost visitors certainly want to join in when visiting this Bay. Let’s imagine that last night, before having gone to bed, you saw the Trong Mai island was in front of your naked eye. However, in the next morning, when you wake up, instead of seeing this island, a beautiful beach welcomes you.

6.  Enjoying a romantic dining on the Bay:

Dinning on the bay

If visitors do not have enough time to stay over one day in Ha Long Bay, you can choose another interesting service here: dining on the Bay. In the 4-star yatch with full of convenient services, you will stay at a comfortable room with the beautiful view. At night, the Bay’s natural scenery constantly changes and the water seems inlaid a golden layer. Nothing is greater more than enjoying a dining with your family and your friends, chatting together while feeling fresh atmosphere and blowing away the busy of life!

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