Hanoi food - Top Bun Cha restaurant in Hanoi

TOP 1. Bun Cha Obama 

Today many people call this restaurant is "bun cha Obama" because of the opportunity to visit Hanoi, Obama stopped off and enjoy the food here.

The restaurant has existed for 20 years and is "gut address" of the people living around the neighborhood Thi Sach - Le Van Huu - Ngo Thi Nham.

Unlike those on the shop, where the famous fried soft, sweet and tasty, aromatic onions, special sauce with moderate sweetness. The space bar is clean, spacious, each with capacity of 40,000 VND bun cha and quite crowded at lunchtime.

TOP 2 Bun cha Dac Kim ( 1 Hang Manh street )

Bun cha Hanoi mention impossible not to mention the bun cha Dac Kim has long been famous and became a frequent destination of gourmets as well as international guests to the capital.

Hang Manh Street at the beginning, the restaurant has a relatively small area, during peak hours you have on the top floor or desks, chairs immediately because overcrowded pavements.

he shop is open between 1965 and famous by the innkeeper very picky in choosing material sewn. Pork must be only three or armpit, after shredding will marinated spices, onion, garlic and fish sauce then grilled over charcoal delicious.

Each bun cha interest in Dac Kim is preparing quite plump, fleshy / rolls, a plate of noodles, fresh vegetables with sweet and sour sauce bowl together with the crispy papaya slices covered iron. Bun cha interest rates fluctuate every 50000-60000 copper depending on their needs.

Despite complaints about the lack of sitting space or price is somewhat expensive, always crowded hotel bar and became a symbol of the culinary capital Hanoi.

TOP 3 Bun Cha Sinh Tu.

One of the finest restaurants bun cha Hanoi, was born from the early '70s in cities Nguyen Extension busy passersby. The word "Born From" was taken from the original name of this street in the last century and now has become the brand of fried noodle dishes. Popular restaurant by the delicious and affordable as well, only a capacity of 35,000 dong.

Recipes make soul food here is how to make rolls and mixing water with the flavor characteristics. According to owner, select meat stitching is also important to the good decisions of rolls, meat taken from the pigs have freshly brewed, warm meat, fresh and marinated according to its own secrets. Guests to eat everyone admiring fried marinated just mouth, bite and half lean half fat mouth to eat very happy, also a "chestnut", only 35,000 dong.

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hanoi cuisine ( 6 dishs must tasty when you are in Hanoi )


Hanoi cuisine is not sophisticated but which requires delicate and noble in every detail. Thousands of years have passed, the traditional cuisine of the capital have increasingly proved their value in the culinary culture of Vietnam.Here are 6 traditional food of Hanoi you should tasty while you arrival here.

1. Nem Chua.

is made from beef, pork skin, hearing (roasted and crushed rice), thanks to the fermentation being hatched by 2-3 days which are sour when ripe rolls, fascinating day, when brought up to the smell of frying very fragrant. Last spring rolls to enjoy fresh hot tasty, eat and put chutney for that right, refreshing taste blend together the cucumber slices are delicious results.

Spring rolls can be served with sour many different fruits, but the most common is the jicama, cucumber, mango ... If you just enjoy the spring rolls with few toppings, about 80,000 is enough for two people.

Nem chua rán Hà Nội

2 Shrimp cakes.

to enjoy while still hot by then retain crispness cake, shrimp and not fishy. Enjoy cake with sauce necessarily come. That's the kind of sauce encompasses sour, sweet and spicy; add a bit of pickles made from papaya, pickled shredded carrots, relieving you of a day's fried shrimp cake. West Lake shrimp cake eating is enjoying a delicious in taste, in beautiful places in the scene, and tolerance among human creation, between tradition and modernity. Shrimp cake has become precious commodities in the cultural heritage of Hanoi.

Shrim cake at west lake

3 Pho.

is a traditional dish of Vietnam, can also be considered one of the typical dishes Vietnam cuisine. Pho is the main component of noodles and broth (or broth in a way called the South) with beef or chicken sliced thin. Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lime juice, fish sauce, chili ... These spices are added depending on the taste of each user. Noodle dishes usually as eating breakfast in the morning or night, but in the big cities are enjoying dishes throughout the day. 

Hanoi noodle soup

4. Bun cha.

is a "gift" that the Hanoi signature sent to all the country. Simply delicious the steak of the fire enough, and taste sweet and sour sauce that charmed how many tourists at home and abroad

Bun Cha Dong Xuan Market Lane, 14 Hang Than, 81 lane or sidewalk Lac Long Quan Nguyen Du Street intersection - Ba Trieu ... is a prestigious address for this dish.

Bún Chả Hà Nội

5. Vong Grilled fish

La Vong fried fish dish is the perfect combination of spices typical of Vietnam such as turmeric, cumin, shrimp paste, fish sauce. All blended into a unique cuisine, extremely tasty and attractive.

Cha Ca La Vong is always in the list of food can not be ignored by foreign tourists coming to Hanoi.

Patricia Schultz gave La Vong Grilled fish dishes in the book "1000 places should know before you die" (1000 Places to See Before You Die).

In late 2003, US news outlets MSNBC was stripped and placed Cha Ca La Vong restaurant Hanoi in 5th place in 10 places should know before you die along with 9 places, famous festival in the world.

La vong grill fish

6. Roll cake Thanh Tri

Rolls Thanh Tri is famous dish of Hanoi, is the specialty of Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Cakes made from rice ears off, fragrant, coated paper-thin.

Hien Thanh Street is where you can enjoy exhibits thin bread, transparent, fragrant rice is topped by native layer yellow onion, aromatic dipping sauce dotted with just mouth stuff, add a few pieces of cinnamon rolls again is full flavored meal. Hanoi cuisine

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what are you doing in Hanoi

Hanoi - land of a thousand years of civilization, which is the capital and the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi is known for many famous scenic spots that any visitor has ever gone will not be forgotten. With the famous places such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi old quarter, Frech quarter, new quarter ...,Hanoi also is famous cuisine, such Hanoi chicken noodle, beef noodle, Hanoi spring roll, bun cha... along with close friendly people, hospitable ... Hanoi has become the starting point for a journey of all tourists visited Vietnam, so if you want to see Hanoi city tour one day let Viet Unique help you to do it

Drink draugh beer in old quarter

Luxury Halong Bay Cruises

I have managed to get a cruise package and upon reaching the Bai Chay Wharf I was impressed for this elegant and elaboratevariety of the amazing junk vehicles! Once I was aboard the vessel I almost feel that we're an Emperor taking acruise surrounding the emerald sea of Gulf Tonkin. As we slowly sail around the Halong Bay, I was enthralled from thetowering limestone karst islets and islands that rise high away from the sea.

Halong Bay is an UNESCO declared World Heritage Site thus has gained immense popularity amongst tourists from all overthe world. The money to its beauty stays in dazzling landscapes and incomparable bio-diversity. May be the sparklingand serene sea, regardless whether you purchase variety of marine species, panoramic views and astounding seascapesthat entices an individual explore the scintillating wonderful thing about this place. While vacationing in Halong Bay, positive if you get discover some in the rare sentiments. It is the exhilarating views and friendly nature of localesthat further makes your holiday memorable. Splendor rich culture and a look into life seen no time before will a personwith a phenomenal experience 

The value the rich heritage has produced it could be an attractive place to visit on the tourist plan. Previously, it was trickyget post. However, today this a part of Vietnam is well addicted. It is located 170 km from Hanoi. Couple options twoferries that help you get to the bay. You can also go directly to Halong Bay using public transit route. Activity . go aroundthe road for this bay, ultimately way scenes are explicit, rice fields and get yourself a glimpse each day life just beforeyour eyes Vietnamese. Vietnam claim fail to be visited Vietnam, that they have not been to Halong Clean. 

Day 2: This kayaking day starts from Van Chai Floating village and then continue paddling to Dark Cave. The cave is oftena 200m long, dark tunnel thrusting any limestone huge batch. The tunnel is the only use of a secluded and beautifullagoon. You can also explore some other caves nearby. After lunch you paddle to Ba Trai Dao Lagoon, along astunning and fairly rough sea channel, for more information regarding its beautiful beaches. Then continue paddling to LanHa Bay, which has a smaller footprint than Halong Bay but much more interesting with a lot of secluded beach locations. 

Indochina Sails is also the most luxury halong bay cruise, halong bay tour. Intended to absorb are clean, modern and comfortable,foodis tasty, the staffs are friendly and repair is healthy. Spa on boats and spa retreats are only on IndochinaSails. Summer or winter, Indochina Sails spa vacation is a wonderful choice to order relaxing getaway to Halong Bay. Could welcome to create use of binoculars, snorkeling equipment, and top-of-the-line Canadian made Seawardkayaks. the volume of the Halong bay trips can be from days up to months. You'll find a cruise that will provide you all the specificsof the schedule, date, timing and more information. On the best Halong Bay tours you will find a cruise line that provides discounts and attractions to customers. Around the glob

e inc entives similar that  luxury Halong bay cruises uses to drawin customers thus to their services. You'll be amaze to determine the lovely ambience with the luxurious cruise speciallyarranged for the tourists. They featured with high quality materials for you to enjoy luxurious facilities while cruising.The interiors with the cruise are well furnished with excellent touch of luxurious materials equal to hotel


A two-day, one-night cruise on the Violet Cruise starts from about $620 for a double cabin and includes accommodation,meals and activities. There's an additional charge for that transfer by van or private vehicle to and from Hanoi.



Feel The Silence And Tranquility In The Land Of Halong Bay 1 day


I've held it's place in Hanoi for 2 days now and have experienced most of your sights and sampled all of the cuisines. In searchof something further to do, I decided to book a single day trip out to Ha Long Bay, a proper known UNESCO heritagesite approximately 165Km from Hanoi. I was picked up by just a little van via hotel at the outset of the morning, andthe guide had warned the trip wasn't going being comfortable. He was best suited. It took us the best three hours to drivethis distance as the drive took us throughout the highway through villages and towns, where roads were rocky and unsealed.However we come to one piece and was ushered onto a large junk boat named Ha Long.

We were collected early from our hotel in Hanoi for your three hour drive north to full  halong bay 1 day tour.Once we left the city, we passed big wide fields where rice was grown - all empty now like they only have one rice seasonyearly in this region.

The day was truly spectacular. We cruised the halong bay tour 1 day amazing hours inside perfectly sunny sky - couldn'thave asked for better environmental conditions! Lunch consisted of fresh boiled prawns, seafood spring rolls, squidsalad, sesame pork, and associated with rice.

We were picked up by mini van at our hotel in Hanoi early one morning and brought out of the city by using a group of around 20 other people. As often

happens in Vietnam, we discovered they were a real mixed bag, students, backpackers, people have been doing a try around the world, a retired teacher, a woman who any nurse for six months of the majority and then traveled for your other six months time. The mini van trip to full halong bay tour 1 day took a couple of and one half hours by using a couple of stops for that bathroom rrncluding a shopping opportunity. Eventually, we stopped at the side of what looked such as large creek. It was then I had most recent glimpse of full halong bay tour 1 day.

Vietnam is known for some outstanding

places lots of travelers think of. And these places are the guts attraction to journey to. With nice seasons, great beaches,resorts, and beautiful landscape, Vietnam is whatever target for Travel to visit. Listed below are some great placesthat most full halong bay tour 1 day of Travelers want to visit.

Ho Chi Minh City in south Vietnam depends on the Saigon River north of the Mekong River delta. The first sort French colonialcity, where you can over 5 million, can be a bustling modern metropolis where travellers have the historic sites andarchitecture and marvel at the intricacies of local Vietnamese handicraft.

On north bank for this Perfume River, is the famed Citadel, built by Emperor Gia Long in 1804. Encompassed by a moatand walls 20 meters thick the Citadel has the Forbidden Purple City, home to the Emperor and his court.

If you prefer to explore the historical places of Vietnam then you must visit Hue, which is the ancient capital of the unitedstates. Thai Hoa Palace, Cua Ngo Mon, Thien Mu Pagoda and The Imperial City are places which it is visit in Hue.You can't forget to go to the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Giac Lam Temple, Notre Dame Cathedral and Mui Ne arethe places you must visit here. Vietnam tour involves a lot of excitement and new experiences. You can look the internetfor getting the best vacation holidays for Vietnam tour and Thailand tours. Both these countries are amazing holidaydestinations.



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