Hanoi street Food - the best food ever

I was not born in Hanoi. But having studied here for 4 years, Hanoi became my home. Many people think about Hanoi with skyscrapers, buildings, shopping centers, etc. However, Hanoi is also famous for its own traditional value – the value of a thousand-year city.

Hanoi street food tour

The thing I like best in Hanoi is the Hanoi street food. Everyone must be very familiar with some Hanoi’s specialities such as Phở, Nem, Bánh cuốn, Chả cá, or Cốm. My friends and I often have meals in roadside restaurants at the weekends. It is so wonderful that we can talk to each other and enjoy such delicious dishes. I make a habit of changing restaurants because I want to taste the food in different flavours. In addition, I love travelling so much. My favourite destinations are the Old Quarter, the Temple of Literature, the Uncle Ho Mausoleum, and the One Pillar Pagoda. When I have free time, I often go out to take photographs, meet foreigners and sometimes buy souvenirs for family and friends. I can learn a lot of things everywhere I stop off.

Hanoi street food tour

In the context of integration nowadays, it is essential to spread Hanoi’s image to international community. Every year Hanoi attracts many foreigners. But how to make the number of people increased. In my opinion, there are some innovative methods to reach the goal. Firstly, we should build infrastructure systematically. Secondly, it is important to organize more festivals and exhibitions frequently to introduce the beauty of Hanoi’s culture, scenery as well as people. Thirdly, more websites need creating to show more details about Hanoi with hospitals, hotels, banks, post offices, embassies, supermarkets, etc in order to set the tourists at ease. Fourth, moreover, the tour companies need to organize more activities during the tours and train the tour guides to be more professional. Finally, the authorities must lessen the social evil such as prostitution, robbery, pickpocketing, swindle, etc.

Hanoi street food tour

Hanoi is a fascinating, a journey you should not miss and is one of the famous places around the world not only about the long tradition of 1000 years but also famous for street food.

most attractive places in Hanoi city tour

Top attracive places no missing while you are in Hanoi

In the eyes of foreign tourists, Hanoi city has the distinction enough so they do not confuse the capital of Vietnam with any other urban center in Asia in blog of Viet Unique Tour, we would like to introduce to you Top attractive places in Hanoi city as below:

5. Thang Long Puppet Theatre

Travel to Hanoi, one can not ignore the destination of many tourists in Vietnam  and internationally as the Thang Long Puppet Theater, right near Hoan Kiem Lake. Puppet performances on the water and is controlled by the artists backstage behind the curtain. Water puppetry is often performed in the past at the village festivals, described cultural, customs and daily life of Vietnamese, especially being very attracted foreign tourists.

Hanoi- city-tour-water-puppet-show

                                                                                       Water puppet show

4. Hoa Lo prison

 Hoa Lo located at Hoa Lo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. French was built in 1896, has a total area of over 12,000 m². The prison was built to imprison the Vietnam patriotic soldiers in the period 1896 to 1954, it is one of the largest prison and most solidly Indochina at the time. This prison is also in the list of top 10 most notorious prisons in the world.


Hoa Lo Prison 

3. Vietnam museum of ethnology 

In the list of top 25 most attractive museums Asia 2014 TripAdvisor recently announced, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology ranked No. 4, behind the Museum of Qin Shi Huang (China), Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Cambodia) and Museum Hiroshima Peace memorial (Japan). As well as voted by travelers on TripAdvisor, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is ranked No. 1 in the top 10 most fascinating museums in Vietnam. This is the 3rd time honored Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on Tripadvisor, in 2012 received a certificate of Excellence (Excellent Certificate).

Hanoi-city-tour- vietnam- museum-of-ethnology

Vietnam museum of ethnology

2. Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature is a shrine to Confucius, the first university of Vietnam built in 1070 This is the place where organized exams to find out who excellent for country,  Temple of Literature became popular destination of tourists in Hanoi, especially before each exam students from diffrence universities in Hanoi and Vietnam often come here pray for good luck.

the temple of literature- Hanoi-city-tour

The temple of literature


1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the resting place of the great leader of Vietnamese people. was contructed on 02.09.1973, located at  the Ba Dinh Square, where Ho Chi Minh had read the Declaration of Independence. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is open 5 days a week, on Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Visitors must comply with the requirements as dressed, do not bring electronic devices record and keep order in the mausoleum.


Ho Chi Minh mausoleum


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Hoa lo prison " hell on the earth"

Hanoi prominent attractions with extremely attractive if you want to take a 1 day tour in Hanoi, you can not ignore is the Hoa Lo Prison

Besides the images of torture, torture of prisoners brutally, the guillotine was brought Hoa Lo prison head top 5 most gruesome destination in Southeast Asia.

Located in Hoa Lo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (which is located on land belonging to the village of Phu Khanh, Tho Xuong district) were French colonists built in 1896, that is only 4 years after the "hell on earth" begins built in Con Dao. Hoa Lo has a total area of over 12,000 m2, is one big prison and most solidly Indochina at the time.

overview of hoalo prison

French named of this prison Maison Centrale at that time, meaning Central house.This is the central jails of both the Center and Northern Vietnam origin, detained both including those of political prisoners and patriots fighting against the French government from 1896 to 1954.

Hoalo-prison- city-tour-hanoi

Design construction of Hoa Lo prison allows frequently contain about 500 prisoners with detention regime, extremely repressive coercion, brutal. Along with the most barbaric weapons of French colonialism is the giant guillotine machine, the Hoa Lo Prison is known as one of the most horrible prison at the time, or list of the top 5 most scary places South east asia.


The cell, dark, cramped cell, lack of air. The guards here are notorious, senior prison govern ready persecution, even killing of prisoners.

French colonialists with particular emphasis in the construction and selection of materials to build the prison. Iron Door Systems, Key was brought from France, which were strict censorship  before construction.


Cachot (dungeon) used to captured prisoners who broken the rules of the prison (organized struggle, organizing escapes, revolutionary propaganda). Cachot at Hoa Lo is "hell of hell", small cell, dark. Here the prisoner locked up in isolation, shackled at night, to eat and sleep hygiene in place, making the floor upside detained prisoners are not covered. Cachot prisoners detained after a short time is edema, blurred vision, full body scabies due to unsanitary, light and oxygen.


Cachot (dungeon) used to detain prisoners who broke regulation of prison like as organize the fight, organizing escapes, revolutionary propaganda. Cachot at Hoa Lo is "hell of hell", small cell, dark. Here the prisoner locked up in isolation, shackled at night, to eat and sleep hygiene in place, making the floor upside detained prisoners are not covered. Cachot prisoners detained after a short time is edema, blurred vision, full human scabies due to unsanitary, light and oxygen.

Worst in Hoa Lo is a medieval guillotine, was designed by two wooden pillars 4m high with blades is kept aloft by closing. Here is the guillotine has killed many  leaders of  Vietnamese revolution

guillotine in Hoalo prison

May 1/1930 guillotine was transported to Yen Bai beheaded 13 soldiers  in the uprising Yen Bai (leading by Nguyen Thai Hoc). This barbaric weapons in prisons operate continuously, used flow from this jail to other jails around Tonkin.

female cell in Hoa-lo-prison

colonial prison has its own torture extremely cruel for female inmates as ample power at the municipal police in Hanoi or a crude walking stick to use corporal punishment on vulnerabilities of women political prisoners.

The prison is surrounded by stone walls reinforced high 4m, thick 0.5m  sustainable remains after more than a century.

the wall of hoalo prison

The edge of the fence tight bottle flakes, pieces of porcelain and high voltage grid system makes any inmate must also shy when thinking of escape.

From such strict regulations, the French assured and proud to Hoa Lo Prison that "in can not get out and out can not get in", " ants would not get through it." but there were many prisoners escaped successfully return to the revolutionary organization.

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Hanoi food - Top Bun Cha restaurant in Hanoi

TOP 1. Bun Cha Obama 

Today many people call this restaurant is "bun cha Obama" because of the opportunity to visit Hanoi, Obama stopped off and enjoy the food here.

The restaurant has existed for 20 years and is "gut address" of the people living around the neighborhood Thi Sach - Le Van Huu - Ngo Thi Nham.

Unlike those on the shop, where the famous fried soft, sweet and tasty, aromatic onions, special sauce with moderate sweetness. The space bar is clean, spacious, each with capacity of 40,000 VND bun cha and quite crowded at lunchtime.

TOP 2 Bun cha Dac Kim ( 1 Hang Manh street )

Bun cha Hanoi mention impossible not to mention the bun cha Dac Kim has long been famous and became a frequent destination of gourmets as well as international guests to the capital.

Hang Manh Street at the beginning, the restaurant has a relatively small area, during peak hours you have on the top floor or desks, chairs immediately because overcrowded pavements.

he shop is open between 1965 and famous by the innkeeper very picky in choosing material sewn. Pork must be only three or armpit, after shredding will marinated spices, onion, garlic and fish sauce then grilled over charcoal delicious.

Each bun cha interest in Dac Kim is preparing quite plump, fleshy / rolls, a plate of noodles, fresh vegetables with sweet and sour sauce bowl together with the crispy papaya slices covered iron. Bun cha interest rates fluctuate every 50000-60000 copper depending on their needs.

Despite complaints about the lack of sitting space or price is somewhat expensive, always crowded hotel bar and became a symbol of the culinary capital Hanoi.

TOP 3 Bun Cha Sinh Tu.

One of the finest restaurants bun cha Hanoi, was born from the early '70s in cities Nguyen Extension busy passersby. The word "Born From" was taken from the original name of this street in the last century and now has become the brand of fried noodle dishes. Popular restaurant by the delicious and affordable as well, only a capacity of 35,000 dong.

Recipes make soul food here is how to make rolls and mixing water with the flavor characteristics. According to owner, select meat stitching is also important to the good decisions of rolls, meat taken from the pigs have freshly brewed, warm meat, fresh and marinated according to its own secrets. Guests to eat everyone admiring fried marinated just mouth, bite and half lean half fat mouth to eat very happy, also a "chestnut", only 35,000 dong.

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hanoi cuisine ( 6 dishs must tasty when you are in Hanoi )


Hanoi cuisine is not sophisticated but which requires delicate and noble in every detail. Thousands of years have passed, the traditional cuisine of the capital have increasingly proved their value in the culinary culture of Vietnam.Here are 6 traditional food of Hanoi you should tasty while you arrival here.

1. Nem Chua.

is made from beef, pork skin, hearing (roasted and crushed rice), thanks to the fermentation being hatched by 2-3 days which are sour when ripe rolls, fascinating day, when brought up to the smell of frying very fragrant. Last spring rolls to enjoy fresh hot tasty, eat and put chutney for that right, refreshing taste blend together the cucumber slices are delicious results.

Spring rolls can be served with sour many different fruits, but the most common is the jicama, cucumber, mango ... If you just enjoy the spring rolls with few toppings, about 80,000 is enough for two people.

Nem chua rán Hà Nội

2 Shrimp cakes.

to enjoy while still hot by then retain crispness cake, shrimp and not fishy. Enjoy cake with sauce necessarily come. That's the kind of sauce encompasses sour, sweet and spicy; add a bit of pickles made from papaya, pickled shredded carrots, relieving you of a day's fried shrimp cake. West Lake shrimp cake eating is enjoying a delicious in taste, in beautiful places in the scene, and tolerance among human creation, between tradition and modernity. Shrimp cake has become precious commodities in the cultural heritage of Hanoi.

Shrim cake at west lake

3 Pho.

is a traditional dish of Vietnam, can also be considered one of the typical dishes Vietnam cuisine. Pho is the main component of noodles and broth (or broth in a way called the South) with beef or chicken sliced thin. Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lime juice, fish sauce, chili ... These spices are added depending on the taste of each user. Noodle dishes usually as eating breakfast in the morning or night, but in the big cities are enjoying dishes throughout the day. 

Hanoi noodle soup

4. Bun cha.

is a "gift" that the Hanoi signature sent to all the country. Simply delicious the steak of the fire enough, and taste sweet and sour sauce that charmed how many tourists at home and abroad

Bun Cha Dong Xuan Market Lane, 14 Hang Than, 81 lane or sidewalk Lac Long Quan Nguyen Du Street intersection - Ba Trieu ... is a prestigious address for this dish.

Bún Chả Hà Nội

5. Vong Grilled fish

La Vong fried fish dish is the perfect combination of spices typical of Vietnam such as turmeric, cumin, shrimp paste, fish sauce. All blended into a unique cuisine, extremely tasty and attractive.

Cha Ca La Vong is always in the list of food can not be ignored by foreign tourists coming to Hanoi.

Patricia Schultz gave La Vong Grilled fish dishes in the book "1000 places should know before you die" (1000 Places to See Before You Die).

In late 2003, US news outlets MSNBC was stripped and placed Cha Ca La Vong restaurant Hanoi in 5th place in 10 places should know before you die along with 9 places, famous festival in the world.

La vong grill fish

6. Roll cake Thanh Tri

Rolls Thanh Tri is famous dish of Hanoi, is the specialty of Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Cakes made from rice ears off, fragrant, coated paper-thin.

Hien Thanh Street is where you can enjoy exhibits thin bread, transparent, fragrant rice is topped by native layer yellow onion, aromatic dipping sauce dotted with just mouth stuff, add a few pieces of cinnamon rolls again is full flavored meal. Hanoi cuisine

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