Ninh Binh Tour: Immersed in the beauty of “HaLong bay on the land”.

HaLong bay on the land” is a dear name of Tam Coc- Bich Dong tourist spot. So have you ever questioned yourself that why this tourist spot is named like this? How does Tam Coc- Bich Dong look like that any visitors who have been here always remember?

1.  The heaven of stalactites:

Ca cave in Tam Coc

There is no denial to say Tam Coc- Bich Dong is a stalactite heaven. Three main caves of this tourist spot, Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave, each cave owns a different chain of stalactites. In all three caves, the air is cool and there many stalactites hanging down with many kinds of shapes from the ceiling. For visitors who love photography and want to save beautiful moments can take a photo with strange angles and full of shiny slatactites in here.

2.  One of a kind natural scenery:

Ngo Dong river

Ninh Binh is the most beautiful province in the Northern part of Vietnam, and Tam Coc is the most beautiful spot of Ninh Binh. Coming to Tam Coc, visitors sit on the boat along Ngo Dong river, the way leads to three main caves of Tam Coc. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the fresh air, romantic natural scenes including mountains, clouds, rivers and water mixing together to create a great picture of nature. The gentle Ngo Dong River, winding around the mountain ranges. So on, the boat glides on the water’s surface, bringing visitors wandering through the mountain ranges with many different and interesting shapes. Go along the river, visitors can see the diverse aquatic species moving under water, or maybe just watching the ducks swimming. Along the sides of the road into the cave is the harvey that contributes to create a dark green carpet. Some places have turned into yellow color withthe fragrant aroma smell of new rice. Many visitors who have been here once always said that the best thing in Tam Coc was surfing on the Ngo Dong river and admired the majestic beauty of natural scenery.

3.  Finding the peace with Bich Dong pagoda:

Bich Dong pagoda

Leaving Tam Coc, visitors will have a chance to visit Bich Dong pagoda- another famous place of Ninh Binh province. The name” Bich Dong” is associated with rock mountains. The pagoda consists of 3 small pagodas, at the foot of the mountain is the Ha pagoda, next isthe Trung pagoda and the highest is the Thuong pagoda where worships Buddha. Standing at Bich Dong pagoda, visitors can easily feel the harmony between the beauty of the cave, the hills of the mountains, the gentleness and romanticism of the river belows.

Tam Coc Bich Dong

Frankly speaking, Tam Coc- Bich Dong is a perfectly tourism spot that surely attractive to anyone. This spot is quite wild and certainly will bring to you the most wonderful moments and interesting experiences that you never want to forget. Coming once to discover a HaLong bay on the land on your own.

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