Sapa tour: Coming to Sapa, must visit Muong Hoa valley.

Sapa with cool climate is a great place to enjoy many beautiful scenery: Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain or romantic waterfalls. However, coming to Sapa, visitors still have a chance to visit a famous tourist destination named Muong Hoa Valley. This valley likes a pearl which is hidden behind the mist for anyone who love nature and botanical.

1.  Where to find Muong Hoa Valley:

Muong Hoa Valley is a sloping canyon valley, located about 10 km in the Southeast of Sapa town, Hau Thao commune, Lao Cai province. From Sa Pa town, visitors need to cross a way alongs the mountain range to go to this beautiful place. This is also the habitat of black H’Mong people and Giay people.

  Muong Hoa valley

2.  Poetic natural scenery of Muong Hoa Valley:

Although Muong Hoa Valley has become developed, yet there are not only beautiful villas or luxurious buildings, but also simple and rustic houses among terraced fields. Muong Hoa Valley is considered as the land of flowers which attracts any visitors coming here. Muong Hoa’s river is the downstream of the famous waterfall named “Thac Bac”. The stream is like a giant python winding along the terraced fields, looking from afar, it likes "the ladder to heaven". In the harvest season, the yellow color reflects its shadow on the surface of the water will help to honor the wonder of this valley. There are 22 small streams originating from forests, flowing into the Muong Hoa Stream make this stream seem always alive. In order to easily move between the two banks, riverine residents make a bridge over the stream. This bridge’s name is “Cau May”, or May bridge.

  Cau May bridge

The romantic bridge, “Cau May”, is located in Ta Van commune, across the stream of Muong Hoa valley.The simple bridge, which connects the rhythm of the river crossing the stream and creates the poetry scenery, is an ideal dating place for many couples when visiting Muong Hoa Valley. This is also the ideal shooting location for many visitors and also couples to have beautiful wedding photos here.

3.  Mysterious traits of Ancient Rocks:

Sapa’s ancient rocks area stretches about 4km in length, 2km in width and across 3 communes: Hau Thao, Ta Van, Su Pan of Sapa. This unique tourist spot was discovered in 1925 by a French archaeologist. These strange carved rocks are interwoven between grass and terraced fields of ethnic minority people. There are at least 159 large rocks carved in exotic shapes that until now no one can explain the origin and the meaning of them.

  Sapa's ancient rock area

This is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign visitors, and many archaeologists come from many countries around the world to find out. The rocks are carved with characters and strange drawings such as ladder, human figure, road or sun. For somepeople, they think this area is the ancient book of our ancestors.

4.  Special culture of the ethnic minority:

Long Tong festival in Sapa

Coming to Muong Hoa in the early days of the year, visitors have an opportunity to experience a lot of unique festivals such as the festival of the Red Dao people, New Year festival (also known as Pooc Roong festival) of the Giay people in Ta Van commune. Participating in festivals, visitors will be learned the melodious melodies of songs, the dances of the ethnic minority’s girls, joined in fun games, enjoyed delicious dishes that only exist in Sapa.

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