Top caves in Halong bay - Sung Sot cave

Not only becoming famous because of blue beaches and white sands, Ha Long Bay is also known for possessing many unique caves. Sung Sot Cave is the most beautiful and unique cave of this Bay that visitors must not miss when coming here.

  Where is Sung Sot cave ( Amazing cave )

Sung Sot cave (Amazing cave)

Sung Sot Cave was discovered by the French in 1901. It is located in Bo Hon island, the heart of Ha Long Bay. This is one of largest caves of Ha Long Bay and this is also the place owning many unique rock formations that cannot be found in anywhere.

2.  The way to a fairy world:

On the way to Sung Sot Cave, visitors have to go through under forest’s foliages and cross a lot of stone steps. Visitors will experience a strange feeling, as eager as going to the heaven.

Sung Sot Cave is considered as a fairy world because of its gate. When visitors go to visit the cave, you will see that this cave is very small and not having any special scenes. However, when spleening over a narrow rock gap to enter in, now, visitors must truly feel the beauty and the greatly extension of the cave.

3.  The wonderful beauty of nature:

 Coming to Sung Sot Cave, visitors will visit three areas. Sung Sot Cave’s total area is over 10.000m2. The cave is divided into two main compartments and the inside compartment is as large as an opera hall which is able to contains thousands of people. The compartments in Sung Sot Cave is divided by extremely beautiful walls. Especially, the outside compartment has a high ceiling with many stalactites hanging down. For many visitors who had been here, this ceiling is compared with a curtain which is covered with a layer of red velvet. These stalactites here are shaped in various shapes such as stone statues, elephants, seals, raspberries, or even flowers, all are seem moving in a fantasy world, a real dream for everyone. 

Visiting the second compartment, visitors will be impressed with curved domes which resembles as a giant opeara hall. The second compartment’s entrance is led by a small road, and next to the entrance is a stone horse statue and a long sword statue. Accroding to the legend, after defeating invaders, Thanh Giong helped people here to exorcise. Before Thanh Giong came back to the heaven, he left the sword and the horse to banish demons. If going inside the second compartment, visitors will see that the ceiling has small and smooth indentations which are seem decorated to look like the foam. One special thing that in the cave, the voices are clearly and not echoed. In the middle of the cave, there is a huge stalactite pillar stretching straightly from the roof, when near the end of the cave visitors can see many huge rocks which are even bigger than a room. Moreover, at the end of Sung Sot Cave, visitors will admire a luxurious garden with a lake. Around the lake is charming landscape of trees and birds. The garden is more alive when monkeys live here and always pull down to disturb the space.












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