Top hotels in Hanoi city

Hanoi- Vietnam is not only famous about history, friendly and hospitality it is also becoming popularity due to may big hotel, where The world's leading politicians staying, Viet unique tour will list the top hotels in Hanoi so that if you have time can stay in these hotels to get the best experience.


Marriott hotel in Hanoi

Donald Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, when he arrived in Hanoi in 2016, chose JW Marriott hotel (Nam Tu Liem district) as a place to rest.

The project is located in the new center of Hanoi, inside the National Convention Center complex with the design concept is the "legendary dragon" symbol.
Headroom at Marriott is located at the end of the 5th floor corridor (2nd floor from top). This is also the best location in the dragon, out of 450 rooms of this hotel.

The only room has a total area of 320 m2, inside there are 8 separate rooms. This is one of the largest and most expensive prime rooms in Vietnam.


Hanoi Metropole hotel over view

The hotel was built in 1901 by the French as well as Mr. Trump's choice when coming to Hanoi in November 2017. This hotel is the place for famous comedian Charlie Chaplin when the comedian enjoys honeymoon in Vietnam,
With a total of 364 rooms this is a hotel to welcome many presidents of countries when visiting and working at Hanoi

The presidential room here has an area of 176 m2, located in the Opera area of the hotel, equipped with many modern and high-class equipment as well as enjoying exclusive services.



This is the hotel that President George W. Bush had attended the APEC conference and paid an official visit to Vietnam in 2006.

Located next to West Lake, the hotel has 299 rooms and has been in operation since 2004.


In 2006, the US hired the 18th floor, the highest floor of the hotel for President Bush. On the 18th floor, there is a king room and 2 presidential rooms with an area of nearly 200 m2 / room.


For security, no one knows where Mr. Bush is in three rooms. At that time, the entire 18th floor and corridor were in charge of the American security forces, no one could reach.


Imperial and presidential rooms all have expensive, modern facilities. There is also a room for guards and secretaries


Hanoi Melia hotel


Melia Hanoi Hotel has 306 rooms located in the central position of Hoan Kiem District, commercial and diplomatic areas, near cultural relics, tourist attractions as well as Ha's entertainment and shopping areas. Cabinet. From the 21st floor of the hotel, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city. This is really a very attractive place not only for business travelers but also tourists.
Managed by Melia Hotels International, and with modern and well-equipped rooms and meeting rooms, located right in the city center, Melia Hanoi Hotel has become a familiar destination for high-class delegations. domestic and international level.

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