Green Papaya salad with dried beef

In a short survey, nearly 80% of foreign visitors confess that they always think about Hanoi Noodle soup “Pho” is best dish of Vietnamese food. Nevertheless, in Vietnamese cuisine, there are still many dishes which have tasty flavour in Hanoi street food such as. “Pho”, “ Bun Cha'', “ Banh Xeo”" Hanoi spring roll" and so on does not hog the spotlight at all. For anyone who had been to Vietnam, Sweet and Sour Salad is an excellent and appetitive dish. Sweet and Sour Salad has another name in Vietnamese, “Nom”. Among many types of “Nom”, “Nom Bo Kho”, or Sweet and Sour Salad with Jerky comes out at the top of the list.

  The origin of “Nom Bo Kho”:

The Northern part of Vietnam is the place that gave birth to this delicious dish. Nobody knows exactly where did “Nom Bo Kho” come from and also the year it was born. However, this dish has become a favorite dish of Vietnamese people, especially in Hanoi, and from one kind of Sweet and Sour Salad, each province of Vietnam has created other recipes in making “Nom.”

Hanoi street food tour-green Papaya salad

Ingredients and preparation:

The ingredients of “Nom” is not complicated and do not need require much time to prepare:

-          Lemon juice and water.

-          Vinegar.

-          Jerky.

-          One green papaya.

-          Garlic.

-          Roasted peanut, or pre-packed peanut.

-          Fish sauce, sugar, MSG, chilli.

-          Thai basil.

  Cooking method:

-          Firstly, cut off the ends of the papaya. Then use a knife to peel the papaya.

-          Secondly, by using a vegetable peeler, you have to shred the papaya. Shred it according to vertical length and down to the core. The seeds inside the papaya must be taken out.

-          When you are done, put all papaya strands into one bowl.

-          Put the strands into a cullender and rinse under cold water. Then squeeze water out of them and set them aside to dry.

-          Wash the Thai basil, remember to pluck old leaves, then chop it.

-          Roasted peanut need to be removed the red skin. A large cullender is necessary to do this step. You also need to prepare something to catch the skin. Hold a handful of peanut and rub it by your hand. In case you buy pre-packed peanut, all you need to do is crush it into small pieces.

-          Abour serving, place papaya strands onto dish, then add the chopped Thai Basil, sprinkle some of the crushed roasted peanuts and so does Jerky on top of these strands.

-          Making sauce by mixing fish sauce with sugar, MSG, lemon juice, water, and chilli.

-          Then pour this sauce from the top of salad. Toss the salad well.

There is no denial to say “Nom Bo Kho” is a popular street snack. A good dish “Nom Bo Kho” is strongly influenced by the sauce. If the sauce tastes good, then this dish will become more delicious.

Hanoi street food tour-green papaya salad

Notable restaurants:

There are many sidewalk snack booths which own the best “Nom Bo Kho” Viet Unique Tour would like to recommend

-          Long Vi Dung at 23 Hoan Kiem street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. The cost for per helping is around 50.000VND.

-          Nom Bo Gia at 1st Nguyen Trung Truc street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi. Each helping’s price is about 20.000VND.

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