Hanoi cooking class

Hanoi cooking class
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Tour with the following details:
§ Ranked Top 1 in Hanoi Cooking Class and Top 10% of Attraction Worldwide on TripAdvisor for
5 continous year since since establishment, ourcooking class provides an immersive
experience in traditional Vietnamese cooking and culture. The sounds, sights, smells and tastes
found in a typical Viet market are emblematic of daily life here, shaping the contours of
Vietnamese cuisine.
§ Our local luxurious villa of 500m2 area with nice garden then is very promising for you to slacken
your furious pace of life. It is an immeasurable experience to enjoy freshness and quietness in
our green garden while we are sharing common spiritual values through Rose Kitchen chefs’
cultural stories and tales. And our cooking is ready afterward!

Morning Class : 09:00 – 13:30
Afternoon Class : 15:00 – 19:30
§ Get picked up from your hotel
§ Take a walk to local market to buy ingredients
§ Getting a fascinating glimpse into local culture
§ Transfer to local home
§ Learn how to cook the real Vietnamese traditional food under the guidance of professional
§ Enjoy your own cooking creation and numerous food from instructor
§ Tasting unique and special local wines
§ Cooking Class ends and get dropped off at your hotel
03 Sample Courses and more are available:
Course 1
§ BBQ pork with noodles and fish sauce (Bun Cha)
§ Fried spring rolls (Nem)
§ Banana flowers salad with chicken or green papaya salad with dried beef
§ Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Course 2
§ Chicken/Beef soup (Pho)
§ Green mango salad with seafood
§ Grilled fish
§ Vietnamese Egg Coffee

§ Spring rolls (fresh or fried)
§ Bana flowers salad or green papaya salad with peanuts
§ Tofu in tomato sauce
§ Eggplant with ginger sauce
§ “Che” (Vietnamese traditional dessert) or Egg Coffee

§ Fully hands-on experience
§ Round trip transfer from city accommodation (Old Quarter area)
§ A bottle of water
§ Local market tour
§ Welcome drink
§ Cold towel
§ Snack
§ Tea
§ Coffee
§ Local wines
§ English-speaking tour guide
§ Experienced instructor
§ 10% VAT
§ Other expenses not clearly mentioned above

TypeDetailNormal pricePromotion price
SuperiorGroup tour$42$39Select


Private Class
§ Adult:

Number of pax, Public Rate (USD)/pax
1 --189
2-- 119
3-- 85
4-- 75
5 --65
6-10 -- 55

§ Infrant:
Free of charge
§ Adults : from 10 years old upwards
§ Children : from 5 to below 10 years old charger 50%
§ Infant : below 5 years old
§ Children need to be accompanied by their parnents when joining classes

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