Sapa tour: Coming to Sapa, Climbing the dragon mouth's mountain to listen the Fairy tales.

Sapa is a fasinated destination that attracts a lot of visitors coming here per year. Among many beautiful tourist spots, Ham Rong mountain (or the mouth of Dragon’s mountain) is considered as a tourist attraction that cannot be missed. Looking afar in the mist, the mountain looks like a flying dragon which helps to create a mystical beauty of this land.

1.  All about Ham Rong mountain:

 Ham Rong Mountain is a mountain of the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and it is considered as one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam. Named after “Ham Rong” because if looking afar, you will see random cliffs arranged together as a dragon head towards the blue sky. Accroding to locals, there is a romantic and poetic story about this mountain’s shape. Story told that, in the past, this place was home of a dragon couple. Later, a cataclysm occurred. When the dragons knew, it was too late, then the water swept away one dragon to a different place. Ham Rong mountain is the place that the female dragon stayed and waited its lover.

  Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong mountain is located next to the town of Sapa, about 3 km away so that it is very suitable for visitors to walk there. Standing on the top of Ham Rong mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Phin hides. Ham Rong mountain in Sapa has a peak of over 1800m.

2.  The charm of Ham Rong Mountain:

  Ham rong mountain

Visiting Ham Rong mountain, cannot forget to visit the garden with variety of blossoming flowers. In here, there are a lot of types of flowers, each type has colorful and prominent colors, such as azalea, roses. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the beauty of orchid, which grows in the middle of mountain with all kinds of orchids having different names such as orchids wood, earning, ceiling. In addition, there are European flower garden with all kinds of flowers that can be grown in foreign countries such as Japanese cherry flowers, purple quartz flowers. Coming to this garden in the spring, visitors can also admire the beauty of peach flowers. At this time, each bunch of flowers blooms to welcome a new year.

  Ham rong mountain

Exploring the Sapa’s sky gate, an ideal place for selfie. From the Sky gate, you have to you have to cross 2 sky gates with an altitude of 1700m. This is one of the locations with beautiful view, from which, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa city in the mist, feeling like hiding in the fairytales’s scene. When you set foot here, do not forget to capture these unique photos.

  Fairytalen's scene about Ham rong mountain

Three gates cave is not a must not miss place too. The characteristic of this cave is that it can only fit one person. However, when going inside, visitors can see an immense sky and will be delighted with many recreational activities here such as: camping. The most interesting activity here is enjoying the typical fruits of the Northwest mountains such as: peach, plum.

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