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When you hear about “Viet Nam”, what is the first thing pops in your mind? For many foreign visitors, the first thing they usually think about is PhoViet Unique Tours recomends to you. So what is Pho? 

Vietnamese cuisine Pho

The history of Pho:

“Pho”, or Rice Noodle Soup, is one of our traditional food and it is also considered as a proud symbol of Vietnames cuisine. “Pho” is a special dish of the Northern, and its origin is Nam Dinh, a province locates at the Southeast of Hanoi. However, this dish has brought to Hanoi and likes Spring roll, it has become a favorite dish of Hanoi people for many years. And now, thanks to many refugees after the Vietnam War, Pho is promoted widely throughout the world.

In Vietnam, “Pho” is the mainly breakfast of many people. Because of the behavior and the eating culture, a lot of Vietnamese are used to eating something which has soup in the morning, especially with a tasty, delicious and soothing dish likes “Pho”. There is no need to say a lot of traditional food in Vietnam own a complicated receipt, so does “Pho”. To make this dish as the usual method of Vietnamese.

Ingredients  and cooking method:

-          Broth: Wanna making a delicious bowl of “Pho”, broth is very necessary. It is generally made by simmeringbones (such as chicken, beef). Making a good broth requires some other spices like cinnamon, ginger, coriander, fennel and onion. It takes many hours to simmer the bones in order to decant the most valuablebroth. Ginger is very important because it makes the smell of beef in broth become stronger. Fish sauce is also added to broth but in the end. To make the broth clear, Vietnamese is used to skimming impurities which float to the surface.


-          Rice vermicelli.

-          Fresh herb and vegetable: Vietnamese people always eat “Pho” with chilli sauce, garlic, beanspouts and lemon.

“Pho” has many types, chicken “Pho”, or “Pho Ga” in Vietnamese, beef “Pho”, or “Pho Bo.” In “Pho Bo”, we have to divine into two other small types, rare beef “Pho”, or “Pho bo tai”, and well done beef “Pho”, or “Pho bo chin”. Pho also has many types of flavour because it mostly depends on the taste of each province in Vietnam. Such as Southern provinces are used to put more sweet into broth, while in the Northern, many people are used to eating the slightly sweeter broth.

Notable restaurants:

To enjoy a traditional bowl of “Pho”, you can find some restaurants which are very famous with this tradition dish, such as:


-          Pho ganh Hang Trong at 1 Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

-          Pho Bat Dan at 49 Bat Dan street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

-          Pho Ly Quoc Su at 10 Ly Quoc Su street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

The price range is from 30.000VND to 45.000VND per bowl, or in dollar U.S it is about 2 dollars to 2.5 dollars per bowl.

Frankly speaking, “Pho” is considered as a piece of art with all flavours waking up every sense of customer, make them feel like they are enjoying the best essence of Vietnamese cuisine. There is no denial that at the moment, “Pho” is ranked as one of the most delicious food of the world. “Pho” can be found in anywhere, but if you have a chance visiting Hanoi but do not have an opportunity to enjoy the traditional “Pho”, you will regret, I am sure.

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