Sapa tour: Top 5 big Festival in Sapa.

1.  “Nào Cống” festival:

Nao Cong festival

Every year, on the 6th of lunar month, the H’Mong people, Giay people and Dao people’s villages in Muong Hoa valley will gather in the temple at Ta Van to celebrate the “Nao Cong” festival. In this festival, people pray the gods to bless the prosperous and bumper harvests.

The festival has three main parts. The first is the ritual offerings. A man wears long dress, pants (abstain from hat and scarf) solemnly read the offerings of the gods, hope the gods bless the prosperous, favorable weather, good harvest.

Next is the time to announce the general disclosure regulations about four issues: village security, forest protection, animal husbandry and social behavior. One speical thing is that the villagers only cook their own food for their village and eat together outside the temple.

  2.  “Xuống đồng” festival:

This festival is held in the morning of the 8th in Tet holiday. The festival begins with the procession of picking up the land and the water, then the worshipping connection with gods. In the festival, visitors will be immersed in the dances and folktales of the Tay and Dao people. The most interesting and fun part is the performances and games which are held by theethnic minorities. Stirring dances in the trumpet sound and drumbeats, unique and attractive folk games certainlyattract both domestical and foreign visitors.

  Xuông Đồng festival

Besides, if vistors want to taste some delicious dishes of the ethnic minority, you can find in this festival, or maybe you can buy some unique brocade sourvenirs for your family and your friends in here.

3.  “Róong Pọoc” festival:

  Róong Pọoc festival

“Róong Pọoc” is a festival of Giay ethnic people. The purpose of its is to pray for bumper harvest and peace. According to Giay people, this is a festival to end a month of fun (New Year Eve) and to start working in a new  year.

The holding space is a flat field at the beginning of the village. The tree must be the apricots and is put in the center of this field. People willhang a circle on the top. The circle is a red paper sticker representing the sun, while a yellow paper sticker represents the moon.

In addition to the rituals, there are also games, dancing and orchestral performances. In addition, this festival is a place for dating of many couples.

4.  “Tết nhảy” festival:

  Tết nhảy festival

For the Red Dao people in Ta Van village, this festival is very important. It can be held on the first or second day of the Lunar New Year and only held at the chief’home in Ta Phin village. The members of other families will gather to help. Men practice traditional dances, while women will dye indigo and embroider new clothes. The highlight of this festival is the dance performances of 14 unique dance lessons. Each dance depicts different actions and inspire the story, the tradition of the family, the merits of the ancestors messages.

5.  “Gầu Tào” festival:

  Gầu Tào festival

This is the wish and pray for luck festival of the H’Mong people. H’Mong people in Sapa usually organize this festival on the first day of the Lunar New Year, while the H’Mong people in Muong Khuong organize in the third day of the Lunar New Year. Usually, “Gau Tao” festival is held only in the family premises, only with the familieshaving no children or sick people will come to ask the priest to do this ceremony. Now, it has become a common festival of the H’Mong people.

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