Ninh Binh Tour: Kong- Skull island Trang An.

Ranked as a World Heritage, Trang An distinguished itself by its beauty of flora and fauna. Trang An looks like a masterpiece of nature that visitors surely feel relaxing, comfortable and happy if they have a chance to visit this place. A picture is worth than thousand words, coming to Bai Dinh - Trang An 1 day tour with Viet Unique Tours, you will realize the reason that the director of the famous film: “Kong Skull Island” choosed Trang An to film scenes. 

Trang An complex

1.  The location of Trang An:

Trang An belongs to Ninh Binh province. Because of its rock formation, rivers, forests and caves are very dangerous so that Trang An was chosen as a shield in order to protect the south of ancient capital Hoa Lu in the 10th century by King Dinh Tien Hoang. After that, this is also the place which Tran dynasty used as Vu Lam royal step-over place in the battle with Nguyen Mong invader.

  Bai Dinh - Trang An tour

At the present, Trang An is located about 3km away from the south of Hoa Lu, 7km from the northwest of Ninh Binh city. The heritage’s core of Trang An covers an area of 6.172ha and it is also the most special protected area of Trang An.

2.  Natural scenes of Trang An:

Trang An is surrounded with a lot of majestic mountains which are created with multi-dimension and multi-shape. Moreover, this landscape still owns a number of small streams which winding around the caves. In addition, visitors will be attracted by the beauty of wild and mysterious valleys and many schools of fish swim swingly.

  Trang An lanscape

Special features of Trang An:

- Trinh Temple: This temple was built accroding to the shape of the word “Dinh”. In the main area, people worship 4 meritorious mandarins who was side by side with King Dinh Tien Hoang in the battle with 12 warlords with the aim of uniting the country and establishing new country “Dai Co Viet”.

- Dia Linh Cave: Its length is nearly 300m and it is also the cave which has beautiful stalactites.

- Dark Cave: Its length is 320m. Because of its winding so that the light cannot enter, people call this cave by the name “Dark”.

- Dark Outside Cave: this cave includes 4 gates (Seo Cave, Three Drops Cave, Light Cave, Dark Cave) in 4 sides (East, West, South and North) and represents for 4 season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).

- Light Cave: this cave is 112 long, 12m wide. The cave’s ceiling is 12m high and is decorated with many beautiful stalactites which are dropped down from the ceiling.

- Nau Ruou Cave: It is nearly 250m long. Accroding to many historical sources, in the past, the forefathers had come here to take water to cooking wine for the King.

- Tran Temple: The temple was built in the Dinh Dynasty and was a place for worshipping Trung Hung General Quy Minh - one of the two generals of Son Nam and his wife.

- Phu Khong: It is located on the food of the mountain and is used for worshipping 7 loyalty mandarins of Dinh Tien Hoang.

- Khong Cave: Its length is 70m and in the war period, Ninh Binh people used this cave as a place to produce weapons.

- Studio Kong: the background of the Aboriginal village in movie Kong: Skull Island is located in Trang An tourist site. The Aboriginal village covers an area of 10 hectares and consists of 36 hut horns with the participation of more than 50 Aboriginal people.

  Trang An 1 day tour

With the beauty of bluish water and the values of culture, history and geology, Trang An scenery has been ranked bythe Government of Vietnam as an important national monument since 2014. Definitely, Trang An is a perfect place for any visitors who want to admire the beauty slowly, try once to breath full of fresh air and grass and immerse yourself in peace.  

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