Hanoi Cooking Class - Experience Vietnamese cuisine euphoria

Visitors always curious about how they can make truly Vietnamese dishes? Especially when some of these ingredients are very rare in Western countries. But now this is not the problem anymore. Coming to Hanoi Cooking class, you definitely have a chance to cook Vietnamese dishes accroding to Vietnamese style with full of Vietnamese ingredients.

1. What is Hanoi Cooking class:

Hanoi Cooking class

Hanoi Cooking class is a place where visitors will be teached about the cooking method of Vietnamese dishes. It is the program which is opened by Viet Unique Tour surely bring to you the most fascinated time when learing with us. Because of the love with our country, Vietnam, especially with the cuisine of Vietnam and with the aim of introducing Vietnamese tasty and delicious dishes to more foreign visitors, we make up in our minds to operate this class to achieve this mission. Participating in Hanoi cooking class, visitors will have unforgettable moments with full of laughing.

2. Why visitors should choose our Hanoi Cooking class:

  Spring roll

In Hanoi cooking class, we are always ready in serving our dear visitors with the best service. It is shown clearly through the way we prepare enough and exactly ingredients for each dish. We follow rightly the cooking method of each dish and ensure that when the Cooking class finishes, our dear visitors are able to cook it at home skillfully.

  Green papaya salad with dried beef

And now, in Hanoi Cooking class, if visitors are fond of making three dishes: “ Pho”, “ Ga Xao Sa Ot” and “ Nom Bo Kho”, so there is no denial that this class is the most suitable for you. “Pho” is the Vietnamese traditional food and it is also the most wanted cooking dish accroding to many foreign visitors, whether thay had been to Vietnam or not, while “Ga Xao Sa Ot” is the common dish in Vietnamese people’s meals. And the last dish, “Nom Bo Kho”, a popular snack street dish will appeal any visitors who enjoy exploring Hanoi and fall in line with the truly normal life of Hanoi people and the ancient traits which weave in and out of the Old Quarter.

For our dear visitors,

Hanoi Cooking class

With all these reasons above, there is no need to worry about our Cooking class’s qualification. We are waiting for you, our dear visitors. Let’s take part in our Cooking class and come to see us as soon as possible to enjoy the best moment during your time in Hanoi. Thank you so much for reading!

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