Chicken is the favorite type of meat of many people due to its tasty and charming flavour. In Vietnam, chicken is also one of common ingredient which is used to making many delicious dishes such as fried chicken, or chicken hotpot that a lot of Vietnamese are fond of. However, Vietnamese still have one famous receipt in cooking dishes made of chicken. Its name is “Ga Xao Sa Ot”, or in foreign language, it is Chicken fried with citronella and this is one of 3 dishs in Hanoi Cooking Class tour organize by Viet Unique Tours.

Street food has become an indispensable factor that dedicates to the outstanding features of Hanoi. It is always seeked for by almost every gourmet whenever they go on trips. Let’s Viet Unique Tours find out what you can try Hanoi street food only with 20.000 VND, which is nearly equal to $1.

Ask how many times you get lost in Hanoi Old Quarter, this is one of the interesting experiences Viet Unique Tours have for visitors when visitors come to Hanoi.


When you hear about “Viet Nam”, what is the first thing pops in your mind? For many foreign visitors, the first thing they usually think about is PhoViet Unique Tours recomends to you. So what is Pho? 

Banh Xeo” is a dish coming from Vietnam. No need to go anywhere to enjoy this dish, you can make it at home whenever you wanna savour

Spring roll is brought to Hanoi from the Southern part of Vietnam. Rapidly, this food has become a favorite dish of Hanoi people. This is the reason why Spring roll has another name, “Nem Sai Gon”.

Hanoi is the sacred place that precisely reflects Vietnamese culture.The majority of those values has immersed and been conveyed in everything belongs to this city. Therefore, it would be a big pity when coming to Hanoi without discovering and enjoying Hanoians’ daily life. Here are the top 4 things you can not miss doing in Hanoi.

Coming to Hanoi, Vietnam, it is worth trying many delicious and tasty food which cannot deny having a fascination to visitors, especially Western visitors.

One of the most famous food in Hanoi is Kebab Noodles, or in local language, we call it by the name “Bun Cha”.

Comparing to other provinces in the North, Hanoi food seem to be more fresh and diversified. Among many delicious food, one of the most must-try food for all visitors when travelling to Hanoi is Egg Coffee. Frankly speaking, Egg Coffee is the remarkable symbol of Hanoi’s coffee.

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