Locating in the Northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a beautiful land which contains a lot of wonderful natural sceneries. Today, this beauty is not only a pride of Vietnamese, but also becomes a famous destination attracts many visitors coming here each year. Sapa, a land makes visitors cannot forget whenever having an opportunity to visit once.

For foreign visitors, coming to Sapa without joining in the ethinic minority’s market once would be a pity for you. The highland market is the place contains full of cultural color of each region that you cannot experience in nowhere else. In Sapa, visitors should not miss a chance joining in highland markets.

Sapa located in the Nortwest of Vietnam, it's far from Hanoi about 170 Km this is unique place and one of the most beautiful spots in Asia, where you can discover diversity culture of minorities peoppe and view the nicest terraced fields on planet Viet Unique Tour would like to recomend to all of clients the top thing to do in Sapa

Coming to Sapa, visitors will not only be impressed with beautiful natural scenery of Sapa but also given an opportunity to enjoy many specialty dishes which are only found in this highland. According to a number of visitors, sometimes the reason why they have to comeback here is because of the attractive cuisine.

Frankly speaking, Ha Long has been one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam for many centuries because it is blessed with many beautiful scenery and fascinated tourist spots. Coming to Ha Long, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the best leisure activities.

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist spot in Vietnam and it is also a familiar name to not only domestic visitors but also foreign visitors. Recommending to Vietnam, cannot forget to mention Ha Long Bay. So why Ha Long Bay becomes so famous like that?

Let Viet Unique Tours find out!

Viet Unique Tours offering 8 main reasons why you should travel to this great country.

HaLong bay on the land” is a dear name of Tam Coc- Bich Dong tourist spot. So have you ever questioned yourself that why this tourist spot is named like this? How does Tam Coc- Bich Dong look like that any visitors who have been here always remember?

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