Frankly speaking, Ha Long has been one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam for many centuries because it is blessed with many beautiful scenery and fascinated tourist spots. Coming to Ha Long, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the best leisure activities.

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist spot in Vietnam and it is also a familiar name to not only domestic visitors but also foreign visitors. Recommending to Vietnam, cannot forget to mention Ha Long Bay. So why Ha Long Bay becomes so famous like that?

Let Viet Unique Tours find out!

Viet Unique Tours offering 8 main reasons why you should travel to this great country.

HaLong bay on the land” is a dear name of Tam Coc- Bich Dong tourist spot. So have you ever questioned yourself that why this tourist spot is named like this? How does Tam Coc- Bich Dong look like that any visitors who have been here always remember?

For many foreign visitors, Doughnut is not a strange dessert. However, in each country, each method of cooking Doughnut is different. So does in Vietnam. Unlike the other countries, the Doughnut of Vietnam has a private name: Glutinous rice doughnut. Glutinous rice doughnut, or “Banh Ran” in Vietnamese, has been a famous sidewalk snack food for many centuries.

Doughnut in Vietnamese style, have you ever tried?

Vietnam is a country that has a lot of beautiful spot. However, when referring to Hanoi, nobody does not know about the Sword Lake and Ngoc Son temple. Both of them are two scenes which are characterized by Hanoi’s culture, especially the Ngoc Son temple. Up to now, Ngoc Son temple has become a famous place for foreign visitors coming here to enjoy the beauty of Hanoi city. 

Bun Thang (or Vermicelli with Chicken soup) is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine. It is said that Hanoi’s dishes are very complicate, sophisticated and delicate. Who has eaten Hanoi’s dishes once cannot forget the taste of these delicious dishes and still remain the memory about this land. And it is so true with “Bun Thang”.

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