Hanoi has many attractiveness spots, such as Sword Lake, or Bat Trang pottery village, or Duong Lam ancient village. Among these famous and beautiful spots, we cannot forget the West Lake- a popular place which has been asscociated with Hanoi people for many years with variety of tatsy dishes. Coming to the West Lake, you must enjoy one famous dish here, it is Shrimp in batter, or “Banh Tom” in Vietnamese.

Referring to the history of development of Hanoi, we cannot forget mentioning the Old Quarter - a lovely and elegant muse of Hanoian. If Sword Lake is compared as Hanoi’s heart, so the Old Quarter definitely become the soul of this capital. The Old Quarter is a valuable architectural heritage which bearing ancient Hanoi’s breath and also the traditional culture of Hanoian. For Hanoi people, the Old Quarter is their pride, their hometown and the symbol of Hanoi, especially in foreign visitors’s minds.

Have any visitors here seen “Ao lua Ha Dong”, a Vietnamese famous film which is lasted 135 minutes and telling about war and love of director Luu Huynh. This film was released in 2006 and was rewarded the Golden Kite Award for Best Film. And from this name of this film, Silk Dress become a familiar name with Vietnamese people, especially for whom living in Hanoi. Actually, Silk Dress is not a product of the imagination. Silk Dress is real and it is also one of traditional trade villages of Hanoi. In Vietnamese, we call Silk Dress as “Ao Lua”.

Le Mat village is known as “Le Mat Snake village”, which has a lot of restaurants become famous with dishes about snake and daily a large number of visitors visit here. Therefore, Le Mat village also owns a unique characteristic that cannot be found in anywhere.

Quan Ho singing is one special kind of traditional art of Vietnam. In each family and each village, each generation quietly send love and continue teaching Quan Ho singing for many people today and tomorrow. For many centuries, Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs have been still full of love, love for each other throughout singing. Quan Ho folk songs become a valuable non-material property of Vietnam which is very difficult to find in other forms of art and culture.

Vietnamese villages are still remaining many special and popular trade villages, which contribute to the rich diversity of our country’s culture. One of the most famous trade villages which is listed is Bat Trang Pottery Village, which produces many exquisite and lively products that full of hometown’s colors. 

This is one of the traditional villages still exist in Hanoi and is one of the interesting destinations in Hanoi traditional village tour organized by the Viet Unique Tours.


Water puppet show (or Mua Roi Nuoc) is a special art which created from the Culture of Wet rice. From a folk art, Water puppetry has become a traditional art of Vietnam. With “Tuong”, “Cheo”, Water puppetry owns a high position art of the National Theatre Art. Referring to puppet, it is not a strangeness in almost countries around the world. However, Water puppetry is one of the kind and only exists in Vietnam. Today, the essence of art in Water puppet show is receiving more and more admiration from international friends, help it to become a unique art product of Vietnam.

This is also one of the 3 most special Hanoi City tour by Viet Unique Tours.

Vietnam is the country which has many diversified and copious cooking methods. For example, only for baking, Vietnamese has many kinds of cake and each kind owns a different cooking method. Visitors usually think about Chung cake whenever they hear about Vietnam, nevertheless, Vietnam has a nother famous cake which has been associated with Vietnamese culture for many centuries.  Viet Unique Tours would like to introduce to travelers who love Hanoi street food a rustic food - The name of this cake is “Banh Duc”, or you can call its English name as Plain rice flan.

Referring to Hanoi Old Quarter, a popular site of Hanoi, a lot of people always think about the Shrimp in batter, Hang Than’s young rice cake and so on. When making a list of famous dishes of the Old Quarter, it is a mistake if we do not mention one of the most famous dish of this place. Its name is “Cha ca La Vong”, or foreign visitors always call it by a dear name: Grilled fish.


Visitors always curious about how they can make truly Vietnamese dishes? Especially when some of these ingredients are very rare in Western countries. But now this is not the problem anymore. Coming to Hanoi Cooking class, you definitely have a chance to cook Vietnamese dishes accroding to Vietnamese style with full of Vietnamese ingredients.

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