Vietnam is a country that has a lot of beautiful spot. However, when referring to Hanoi, nobody does not know about the Sword Lake and Ngoc Son temple. Both of them are two scenes which are characterized by Hanoi’s culture, especially the Ngoc Son temple. Up to now, Ngoc Son temple has become a famous place for foreign visitors coming here to enjoy the beauty of Hanoi city. 

Bun Thang (or Vermicelli with Chicken soup) is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine. It is said that Hanoi’s dishes are very complicate, sophisticated and delicate. Who has eaten Hanoi’s dishes once cannot forget the taste of these delicious dishes and still remain the memory about this land. And it is so true with “Bun Thang”.

Vietnam is a country which has an abundant history and culture. Any visitors who come here always want to explore the cultural background of this country. If you want to learn about the history of Vietnam, so Ninh Binh is the place that you must not miss. In Ninh Binh province, Hoa Lu-the ancient capital, is a indispensible historical site.

Hoa Lu - Tam Coc 1 day trip

Ranked as a World Heritage, Trang An distinguished itself by its beauty of flora and fauna. Trang An looks like a masterpiece of nature that visitors surely feel relaxing, comfortable and happy if they have a chance to visit this place. A picture is worth than thousand words, coming to Bai Dinh - Trang An 1 day tour with Viet Unique Tours, you will realize the reason that the director of the famous film: “Kong Skull Island” choosed Trang An to film scenes. 

Vietnam is a Buddhist country, where owns many beautiful and famous pagodas and temples. Among them, there is one pagoda which is considered as the biggest and most beautiful in Vietnam is Bai Dinh pagoda. Let Viet Unique Tours learn about Bai Dinh Pagoda through Bai Dinh - Trang An 1 day trip.

Ninh Binh is a province which located in the Northern part of Vietnam. Three years ago, it was rewarded as one of Worldwide Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. However, it is quitely known widely with many domestic and international visitors after the movie “Kong-Skull island” was filmed here. Ninh Binh is totally a beautiful place to relax. If you having a chance to travel to the norther Vietnam, Let Viet Unique Tours take you to Tam Coc- Bich Dong in Hoa Lu - Tam Coc 1 day tour to admire the beauty of this spot which is compared as “HaLong bay on land”.

With Hanoi people, especially with whom spending all of their childhood in this land, Young green rice is a familiar dish whenever the Autumn comes. Gradually, this traditional hometown dish has become a symbolic image of Hanoi’s Autumn. Referring to the fall of Hanoi with the fragrance of milk flowers and layers of yellow leaves, we cannot forget the sweet and delicious flavor of Young green rice. Young green rice is totally a perfect gift of life!

Hanoi has many attractiveness spots, such as Sword Lake, or Bat Trang pottery village, or Duong Lam ancient village. Among these famous and beautiful spots, we cannot forget the West Lake- a popular place which has been asscociated with Hanoi people for many years with variety of tatsy dishes. Coming to the West Lake, you must enjoy one famous dish here, it is Shrimp in batter, or “Banh Tom” in Vietnamese.

Referring to the history of development of Hanoi, we cannot forget mentioning the Old Quarter - a lovely and elegant muse of Hanoian. If Sword Lake is compared as Hanoi’s heart, so the Old Quarter definitely become the soul of this capital. The Old Quarter is a valuable architectural heritage which bearing ancient Hanoi’s breath and also the traditional culture of Hanoian. For Hanoi people, the Old Quarter is their pride, their hometown and the symbol of Hanoi, especially in foreign visitors’s minds.

Have any visitors here seen “Ao lua Ha Dong”, a Vietnamese famous film which is lasted 135 minutes and telling about war and love of director Luu Huynh. This film was released in 2006 and was rewarded the Golden Kite Award for Best Film. And from this name of this film, Silk Dress become a familiar name with Vietnamese people, especially for whom living in Hanoi. Actually, Silk Dress is not a product of the imagination. Silk Dress is real and it is also one of traditional trade villages of Hanoi. In Vietnamese, we call Silk Dress as “Ao Lua”.

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