if you take a stroll on the streets of around Hanoi city  will see the majority of the stem are painted white, a lot of foreign visitors curious to ask why do that, this question is answered by  Viet Unique Tour as below: 

Halong Silver sea cruise is one of the best cruise in Halong bay, full 18 cabins luxury, will bring for all clients unforgetable time during cruise Halong bay 2 days 1 night, not too expensive like as other cruise Halong Silver sea cruise make sure will providing the best service tour while you travelling Halong bay.

No haughty as Ha Long Bay, Yen Tu sacred as premature or full of entertainment services such as Hon Tre island, but Cat Ba (Hai Phong) is particularly attractive to tourists.

Mymodernmet page has released a list of seven destinations with beautiful water garden scenery in the world and Halong ranked 4th. 

Wonderful natural scenery out front when visitors admire the Halong Bay from a height of from 500 to 3,000 meters. 

The cab driver stopped on the bustling boulevard Pho Hue and pointed at a mishmash of incongruent four and five-story buildings across the street. I hopped out and dodged buzzing motorbikes and exhaust-belching cars, trying to get from curb to curb.

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